The Consecrating Process of the Thai Buddhist Amulet

It always excites me to create new content and carry on to train my fellow readers about the identification techniques for the strongest Thai Amulets. Thai amulets are created by a number of holy materials and these materials are also prayed for a long period of time by the high monks before use. There are up to hundreds of various kinds of holy materials which can be used to create Thai Amulets. Once the praying procedure is finished for the raw materials, they will be additionally utilized to consecrate actual amulets we've seen today. The final part of the amulet consecration procedure is that the monks will meet together to pray and bless the Thai Amulets. The entire blessing procedure takes really quite a while to perform and they typically differ from 3 months - 5 years based on what the monks decide suitable for that particular set of amulet. Recently I've been collection Phra Pidta. This translate into Chinese as the closed eye buddha. very s




The reason for making these Strong Thai Amulets are to raise funds for non-profit purposes applied towards assisting the neighborhood. In Thailand, worshippers frequently visit temples to wish for success and tranquility. Many people at the same time to present a donation to the temple and in return receive a piece of Thai Amulet. The charitable donations are saved by the abbot and then applied to different charitable projects. I love the good energy generated by the production of Thai Amulets. They provide aid to the neighborhood by earning charitable money and they offer protection to the people.

LP Koon

Picture of LP Koon Thai Amulets

The charity work performed along with the effectiveness of his amulets has help propel LP Koon's reputation to one of the very most recognized Thai monk. He lived at Wat Pikulthong for the majority of his lifetime and later on became the abbot of the temple. In his existence, he has made a lot of amulets together with many different types of amulets. Phra Somdej Thai amulets were by far the most type of amulets he produced preceding by Rian, Somdej Kenan, Phra Pikanet and so on...


His amulets are viewed as extremely holy items and also have been growing in price exponentially following his death around Two decades back. This amulet was not distributed to the people. Rather it was provided to his lok-si for defense and strengthen their belief in Buddhism. You can find less than one hundred pieces produced also, the price is incredibly high.


What Are Thai Amulets?

What you should know about Thai Amulet

A Thai amulet has traditionally been a Buddhist blessed item, usually featuring the Buddha or a monk. It has been used for various purposes. Temples and monasteries often make Thailand amulets to raise funds for the nonprofit associations running the religious sites. Thailand amulets are also worn as ornaments or accessories. Over the years, a Thai Buddhist amulet has also been associated with life events and fortunes. There are Thai amulet websites selling specific amulets for luck, relationship, money, health and career among others. Click here to enter such a site.

Here is a brief guide to help you understand what a Thai amulet is and how you should treat it.

·        There is no custom preceding the wearing of any Thai Buddhist amulet if it is worn as an ornament or fashion accessory. Should one wear a Thai Buddhist amulet for religious or spiritual purposes and should one want to be benefited in myriad ways, then there are specific approaches.

·        Before you touch the amulet, you must wash your hands. Ideally, you should wear it after taking a bath. If you are not be a Buddhist by religion then you are forbidden to wear Thailand amulets .But if you are one, then you must pray to the Buddha before wearing the amulet. You should take the amulet in your hands and press it gently between your 2 palms. Holding the amulet in your palms you should chant “Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma Sam Buddhassa” or “I pay homage to the Blessed One…The one who is free from defilement…The One Perfectly Enlightened by himself.” If you are a Buddhist by religion then you can follow the chant with the following prayer, “I (your name) invite the Lord Buddha and Guru Monks to bless me and protect me from harm, danger and bring me luck and fulfill me with my wishes.”

·        You shouldn’t be wearing Thailand amulets in any place that is forbidden in Buddhism. You should avoid wearing them while sleeping, especially if you are married and intend to make love that night. Amulets should be stored at a higher place and not on the ground or anywhere it could get laced with any kind of substance.

·        You don’t have to remove your Thai Buddhist amulet every time you go to the bathroom. While bathroom is not necessarily the cleanest of places, it is not necessarily dirty. Also, the need to go to the bathroom is natural and Thailand amulets do not shun anything that is just simply natural.